News/updated Covid-19 H&S travel protocol

Posted on 07 Jul 2020

Our updated Covid-19 H&S travel protocol

As the world starts to travel again, we know that restrictions and protocols will rapidly change and evolve. Therefore, from now on Elite Travel Group will continually follow the World Travel and Tourism Council Safe Travels Global Protocols.


This is our updated COVID 19 Health and Safety Travel Protocol. We have also reached our suppliers so that they can review the guidelines listed below. COVID health and safety protocol


Starting with accommodation guidelines, all hotel employees must wear masks in direct contact with guests. They must be trained based on the hygiene regulations of COVID-19. Each hotel should make sure that employees work in fixed teams so that contact can be reduced.


In addition, before the arrival of each guest, the cleaning of the rooms should be done with suitable disinfectants. Especially the pillows have to be thoroughly disinfected, and the room should be ventilated.


To remind guests regarding the rules, hotels must place signs around their spaces and have sufficient disinfectant dispensers in all relevant areas. Also, guests must make sure to wear mouth and nose protections whenever they are in the lobby, elevator, or closed public areas. All entertainment activities can proceed without close contact and by keeping a minimum distance of 1.50 m. COVID health and safety protocol


We train our tour guides regularly regarding the rules of conduct in connection with the Corona pandemic. In the event of any suspected cases, every tour guide acts according to the ETG crisis manual.


For on-site visits, ETG will organize and carry out test runs in advance. Besides that, the tour guide will ensure and inform the group in the morning that the bus has been thoroughly cleaned, ventilated, and disinfected overnight.


There are a few different forms that check-in/out will proceed. The first one is by us as DMC or while being on the bus. In this case, the tour guide will distribute the appropriate forms to the clients and hand them over to the hotel staff after completion.


The second way is through electronic check-in in advance by the guest. And the third way is by checking-in in small groups of a maximum of 2 people.
If possible, guests will receive their room key from the tour guide and hand it over to their tour guide at check-out.


Our hotel partners predominantly do not have meals in buffet form. Instead, most of the meals are served “à la carte” at the table. When it comes to breakfast, you can ask to have it in your room. (please make sure that the offer is extensive).
Moreover, inside the restaurant, a minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained and, if necessary, meal times per room/travel group are specified. When visiting external restaurants, make sure to observe the rules of distance and that meals are à la carte.


The buses and coaches used will be loaded with a maximum of 50% of the permitted capacity to ensure a sufficient distance between passengers (currently valid until 30.09.20). Additionally, passengers should wear mouth/nose protection on the transfer buses. Also, we will provide disinfectants for the hands in sufficient quantities in the buses.


If possible, passengers will enter or leave the bus only from the rear door and in an orderly manner from front to back. The exit of the bus is from the back to the front to avoid contact with other passengers. Furthermore, we will assign a fixed seating order for the entire duration of the journey, which the guests will stick to.
Before each travel group, we will make sure to thoroughly disinfect the buses.

Bus round trips

Buses will be loaded with a maximum of 50% of the permitted capacity (initially valid until 30.9.2020) to ensure sufficient distance between passengers. However, guests who stay in the same room may sit together on the bus, otherwise only one person per row of 2 persons, every second row remains free.


The initial welcome should be contactless. The guide and driver must wear masks and gloves.


In the case of guests that show symptoms, they will be immediately separated from the group, and we will take them to the doctor. Our tour guides always carry information about the nearest doctors and hospitals.
On the buses, it is recommended that guests wear mouth/nose protection.


We have carefully observed the regulations of individual countries regarding the limitation of guests at places of interest and the necessary distance rules. If necessary we may have to adjust the travel arrangements. The tour guide will wear a mask and speak loudly so that all guests can understand what they say.


In addition, the guide must have a microphone. Nonetheless, audio systems are not allowed, as the use of them involves too many contacts.