Corporate Social Responsibility



How We Protect the Places You Love

Our vision is to make the world a better place through travel.

We donate, volunteer, and do as much as we can to ensure that the places we love are there for future generations to enjoy.
We’re proud of our team who are passionate about travel.

Our mission is to give people the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. And to do it in a sustainable way, working with local people to leave communities richer. So, here’s everything we do to ensure your trip helps the places you explore and love.

Sustainability Statement

We decide to engage in the sustainability certification process in order to learn, improve, implement and promote good sustainability practices on social, environmental and economic aspects of our business. We will work and set actions to maximize positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts of our operations. We aim to make tomorrow slightly better than yesterday, positively influence, inspire and equally respect with dignity our team members, clients, suppliers, and partners to be an example of best practice in our country and the entire region.


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Sustainability Statement

Green Team

Learn more about Travelife Green Team for Sustainable Tourism

Our Values

Our Values

Our business is built on respect. Respect for the planet, respect for our partners, and respect for our customers. We don’t just want to do business, we want to make friends as we go.

We’re innovative, always looking for new ways to minimize our footprint. By being reliable, honest, and transparent, we make sure our word is our bond. And by focusing on quality, we make sure we’re delivering repeat business, which builds a sustainable future. It’s a whole new way to experience the travel business.

Our Volunteering

Our team has marked trails, cleaned beaches, planted trees, and much more.

Not only is this good for the local communities, but it’s also good for us to learn more about nature, people and to keep our world beautiful.

Our Vision

Elite Travel Group aims to revolutionize travel in Southeast Europe, particularly Albania, by setting new standards for customer and employee satisfaction through sustainable solutions powered by cutting-edge technology. Our vision is to make the region and Albania a year-round destination, leading with excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship. 

Through personalized and innovative travel products, we aim to enrich lives, connect cultures, and support local communities while preserving natural landscapes. Committed to redefining the travel experience, we strive to become the preferred choice for travelers and industry suppliers, embodying sustainability and community focus. Our goal, supported by our self-built ERP solutions, is to foster a more interconnected and sustainable world, enriching both the region and Albania as a destination.

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Our support for the local community

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Elite Academy is our brand CSR. Since we are a member of Travelife, we are supporting initiatives that are related to socio-economic impacts such as education and training. The Academy is open and affordable for everyone and it is a nonprofit organization:
Elite Travel Group is directly financing it. External donors are not allowed to donate funds but only support in kind by contributing with “know-how,” trainers, coaches, training, workshops, scholarship programs, and innovative curricula for TOT and for students.