Mission Statement

To give people everlasting experiences in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. And to do it in a sustainable way, working with local people to leave communities richer.

Why Us?

Why choose Elite Travel Group?

We deliver every day and every time. “Everlasting Experiences” is our fundamental approach. Our aim is to respect the clients as we respect our employees, to respect our partners the same as our suppliers!

Integrity, honesty, and transparency are the principles that drive us toward a more sustainable business model. If you do things with your heart and with honesty, you will always deliver the best holidays ever!

Our DNA experiences

Elite Travel Group Values

Human resources and each individual in our company is considered a unique asset. Each and everyone has a voice, has a free mind, and it’s always motivated to be creative, innovative, and cultivate the imagination in order to transform our day-to-day working time into a passion!

In a world of transformation and constant digitization, we make sure all our people have enough time to explore, understand, be curious, share, collect and consider their opinions. We all love what we do, and we are careful to work in full harmony and work hand-in-hand to deliver the experiences we promise to our guests and partners. DNA Elite Travel Group

Our Values

Elite Travel Group Goal

Our company goal is to ease the way people travel, to handle their needs in the best possible way, and serve them with honesty and transparency before, during, and after the travel journey.

We want them to experience every single moment and we know how to do it by involving them on every step, and through educated and passionate staff, supported by the best tailored digital tools!

Our Goal

Our goals

Elite Travel Group trainings

At Elite Travel Group, we do our best to allow our employees to follow their careers. We are constantly providing the most recent training from the tourism industry and social life to all our team. Know-how delivery is not only for top management but for all the team members at every level of management. The long-life learning concept has been implemented since early 2010. We have a very unique work model that is empowering the team spirit concepts and harmony with each other. Our company culture is togetherness and networking inside and outside the company; each and every one of us is important and has a role to play.

Train & Stay Updated

Trainings with Simon

Elite Travel Group trainings

We hold a very simple company structure with the mindset of allowing each and everyone from the staff to stay longer with the company. Elite Travel Group management is always promoting the best employees and allowing them to grow with a culture of the win-win environment. Our company organization is almost flat and with very thin hierarchical layers. Flexibility at a short pace it’s something we do very well.

Manpower & Leadership

Trainings & Courses

New World of Work & Diversity

We are prepared and we know very well how to serve to guests needs. It’s a hard task, but this is the reason we are changing the way of doing our business day-to-day. We are among the first of our kind to democratize the way our employees work. We are already starting to work from multiple locations and have found the solution to tackle the seasonal cycle of our type of business. Being long on the international markets and powerful networking environments, we have learned that nationality and religion are things we never count on. We live in a world where each and everyone is accepted as is, each and everyone has his own culture that we have to respect. Diversity comes to us as an opportunity and our aim is to become a multinational employee brand.

Nowadays to work for a travel business company is a challenging task, but we are turning it into a pleasurable and satisfactory job by implementing the best in class methodologies, digital solutions and give pride to each and everyone working in the tourism industry.

World work


Since we are the first Albanian company that is Travelife certified, we know how important is to have the common sense to care for social life, for the economy of the area and region we live, and last but not least, care about the environment. Sustainability as a concept comes with different challenges in different countries. Since we are considered a country under development, our biggest focus still remains on the social aspect. We are pioneering in Albania, through our public and social activities, society-building concepts through education and training for the young, for teacher communities, and for the suppliers. We strongly believe that only through education can we could tackle the economic and environmental aspects. We know that alone we cannot change the place we live, but alone we can inspire others and be copied by them, in order to make today better than yesterday. DNA Elite Travel Group

Sustainability DNA