Elite Travel Group is committed to sustainable, ethical business in compliance with applicable laws, conventions and regulations. Elite Travel group decide to engage on the sustainability certification process with Travelife in order to learn, improve, implement and promote good sustainability practices on social, environmental and economic aspects of its business. supplier code of conduct

We will work and set actions to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts of our operations. We aim to make tomorrow slightly better than yesterday, positively influence, inspire and equally respect with dignity our team members, clients, suppliers, and partners to be an example of best practice in our country and the entire region.

Elite Travel Group seeks to support efforts to protect human rights and strives to develop appropriate, environmentally, and socially sustainable chains of responsibility and response mechanisms within our sphere of influence.

A key objective of Supply Chain Management at Elite Travel Group is to enlist, develop and sustain suppliers who consistently assist with the company’s business objectives by offering products and services in compliance with the expected level of quality, reliability, price, service levels, and ethical standards.

This Code serves as guidelines to a standard of ethical conduct, values, and principles Elite Travel expects suppliers to adhere to when dealing with workers, agents, suppliers, and customers on Elite Travel behalf. This Supplier Code of Conduct forms an integral part of the Elite Travel contract with its Suppliers.

Elite Travel Group expects its Suppliers to comply with all applicable international, national, and local laws and regulations and industry minimum standards

We are committed to operating with integrity. Bribery, extortion, fraud, and any form of financial crime, including improper payments, money laundering, and tax evasion, or the facilitation of tax evasion, are not permitted under any circumstances.
This also applies to suppliers who do work on our behalf.

We expect our partners to treat their workers with dignity and respect and apply progressive policies in managing their human resources.


The Supplier shall not:
– Discriminate based on gender, age, religion, race, social background, disability, nationality, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics;
– Employ anyone against their will.
– Traffic in persons or use any form of a slave, forced, or bonded labor.

– Working conditions must be safe, humane, and fair.

– Working conditions for employees younger than 18 must comply with national law as well as with the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other applicable international conventions. Minors must never be employed to perform work that is inappropriate for children and labor conditions for minors working in the tourism business must be age-appropriate.

– Wages paid by the Supplier must meet or exceed legal minimums and/or industry standards.

– The working hours of the employees are to be kept in line with the legal requirements and/or industry standards.
– The employees shall be granted their stipulated annual leave and sick leave without any form of repercussions.

– Female employees shall be granted their stipulated maternity leave and other rights in case of pregnancy.


Elite Travel encourages its suppliers to promote training programs for their employees to ensure the quality of customer service, and to provide opportunities for their professional development. Such training programs should focus mainly on customer service, health and safety, and sustainable development.

We expect our partners to comply with and even go beyond current standards, laws, and regulations. Partners should have a workplace health and safety policy, provide workplace health and safety training for their employees, be cognizant of and apply occupational best practices in their business sector, make all necessary efforts to ensure people’s safety is not compromised.


The Supplier shall:
– Implement guidelines and procedures to reduce and prevent occupational illnesses and accidents, and train their employees accordingly.
– Apply strict standards of hygiene.
– Have an emergency plan in place and provide all necessary support to its employees and customers to ensure above all the safety of all individuals involved, regardless of the situation.
– Have a third-party liability insurance coverage
– Child protection from sexual exploitation
– Sexual exploitation of minors is unacceptable and criminal, and all tourism industry players should work together to eradicate it. “Child” is defined as a person younger than 18 years according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Child.

Suppliers shall:
– Implement preventative measures and procedures to ensure that children are protected from tourism-related sexual exploitation and all potential forms of abuse
– Report any incidents and or any identified risks to child safety involving guests and/or employees to the relevant local authorities.
– Train relevant employees on the protection of minors from tourism-related sexual exploitation including how to report incidents to the local authorities

The tourism industry is highly dependent on natural attractions.


We expect our partners to be sensitive to the protection of the environment and biodiversity, be cognizant of environmental issues, and make efforts to minimize their negative impact on the environment by:
– actively reducing the amount of energy and water used
– minimize the use of chemicals known to cause damage or pose risks to health and/or the environment.
– implement methods to reduce waste and improve their waste management.
– Respect and promote respect of animals, wildlife, and biodiversity.
– Refrain from promoting souvenir items derived from threatened wildlife and plant species.


We encourage our suppliers to train employees about all the environmental issues applicable to their business sector and provide customers with this information when relevant.

Elite Travel Group expects its partners to:

– Foster the social and economic development of their destination in co-operation or partnership with local communities.
– Encourage, as much as possible, the procurement of locally produced goods and services.
– Value and protect the natural resources, culture, and heritage of local communities.
– Encourage contacts between tourists and locals.
– Maintain harmonious relations with communities.

It is our duty to make our best effort to deliver a great, safe, and pleasant experience and meet guest’s expectation and we expect our suppliers to:
– Provide a safe, high-quality, and professional product
– Ensure that their product or service always meets or even exceeds industry standards.
– Strive to ensure the sustainability of their product or service,
– Address complaints and claims in an expeditious and courteous manner
– Work in loyal collaboration with Elite Travel group

* For questions and remarks related to our Code of Conduct/CSR policies, please contact Mrs. Valbona Lleshi by e-mail: