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SpoonbillNest 2021

On December 7th and 8th, our 3rd Annual Spoonbill Nest Youth Conference for Future was a great success: Over 250 registrants were presented with 2 days of live streaming conversations, insights, and keynote speeches from over 40 local and international experts, in Albania’s preeminent youth conference.


This year’s themes were Sustainability, Digitalization, Inclusion, and the future of Education. In conjunction with our co-presenter, the City of Elbasan, some presentations were seen by up to 320 viewers on Facebook, and our social media reach was over 65.000 people. This year we introduced audiences to Elite Travel Group’s Accessible Tourism committee and heard from the new State Minister for Youth and Children. We also discussed blockchain technology, the future of the labor market, the challenges to preserving culture, and the benefits of sports.


We would like to thank our Moderators, Speakers, Sponsors, Media Partners, and all the participants. Today we are happy to provide you with recordings of all panels and presentations to watch at your own pace, to share with colleagues, to dive deeper into the topics presented.


You can check out our brand-new YouTube – video playlist, summing up everything for you at one click, or check out the links below to go directly to the panel that most interests you.

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SpoonbillNest 2020

On December 7-th and 8-th, our 2-nd Annual Spoonbill Nest Youth Conference for Future was an extraordinary success. We had over 550 registrants, who were presented with 16+ hours of live streaming conversations, insights, and keynote speeches from over 40 local and international experts. In contrast to last year, this time, we organized Albania’s first hybrid-online youth conference.


What was this year’s theme?

This year’s themes were Sustainability, Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Soft Skills. Our amazing speakers made sure to bring a new perspective, not only for the youngsters but also for parents, teachers, and institutions. In conjunction with our co-presenter, the City of Elbasan, some presentations were watched by up to 5K viewers on Facebook, and our social media reach was over 50,000 people.


What are we looking forward to?
Just as we promised last year, each of the authorities started their speeches with a follow up of the promises they made last year. Although it has been a tough year, we were glad to hear that there was progress. events elite travel group

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SpoonbillNest 2019

Spoonbill Nest 2019, Albania’s first youth conference for the future, was held on December 8-th and 9-th in Elbasan. During these two days around 228 participants got to listen to inspiring speeches from international keynote speakers, as well as have panel discussions with local authorities.

What was discussed during Spoonbill Nest?
The main topics of the speakers in the conference were: entrepreneurship, coding, sustainability, digital marketing, lifelong learning, creative inspiration, and the new world of work. According to the feedback from the attendees, the speakers were described as amazing, inspiring and, most importantly, they presented the youth with a new perspective. Many of the youngsters remarked that this type of event was much needed. events elite travel group

This is the first event ever organized in Albania, where the authorities were invited to commit to working for the future of our youth during 2020. A committee of youth will follow up and evaluate the promises made on the opening ceremony of SpoonbillNest 2020.


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