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Posted on 17 May 2021

What will be the travel hygiene trends post-covid?

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With the start of the vaccination process and immunization of the population, the travel industry is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. However, travel and tourism will probably be different from now on. The post-COVID travel era will have increased attention toward cleanliness and hygiene. Despite being vaccinated, most travelers will watch out for health and safety policies. So, what will the picture of the future of travel hygiene trends be?

Airline industry

As airlines start to operate again, it will be essential to them to protect the crew and passengers and also relieve the travel anxiety. That is why they will focus on implementing processes to detect infection, physical distancing, and minimize surface contact. With the right tools for airlines, passengers might experience safer upcoming flights.


From elevated cleaning standards and collaborations with hygiene products producers to robots, hotels all over the world are working to win the customer’s trust. There are also some certifications that these hotels can achieve to prove their safeness. An example is the Safe Travels stamp created by WTTC for those businesses that have adopted their protocols. So, health and safety policies have become one of the most important factors when travelers choose their accommodation.

Tour operators

Tour operators have updated their cleaning and hygiene protocols as well. They must implement necessary sanitation and hygiene measures based on the nature of their activities and attractions. Some examples are contactless payments, provision of gloves and sanitary products for guests and staff, and clear communication as well.


So, to conclude, tourism stakeholders will have to work closely with health and safety officials to rebuild traveler confidence. Destinations that will invest in these measures and meet the new travel hygiene trends, will be able to succeed in the post-COVID-19 travel era.