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Posted on 11 Jan 2020

Travel agency standard setup in Albania with ETG

Cooperation between Elite Travel Group, Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center Elite Academy, Lufthansa City Center, Sabre, and Futouris


On the verge of working on Elite Coaching, one of our focuses was the training of travel agencies throughout Albania. More precisely, Elite Travel Group teamed up with Lufthansa City Center, Sabre, and Futouris and created the first project for travel agency standard setup in Albania. The aim was to help Albanian travel agencies improve their professionalism in this industry.

How was the project conducted?

In this project, we chose to train 40 sub-travel agencies so that they could increase their sales. Therefore, by reskilling them they became able to use the necessary systems for any travel agency nowadays. 


Firstly, they were trained to use the Global Distribution System (GDS). This computerized network makes transactions between travel service providers and travel agents a lot easier.


Next, they were trained to use IT tools such as Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), to facilitate the knowledge and segmentation of customers as well as boost customer retention. Lastly, they were trained to use travel management tools so that booking processes become more seamless.


All this, not only improves the workflow in these agencies but also helps them deliver the best customer experience. Hence, it will not be necessary anymore for these agencies to use the traditional way of booking tickets via Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center staff. 


By the end of this training, they were all qualified and reached their sales targets. 


2020 has been a very challenging year for agents and Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center. However, we still achieved a turnover volume of 1.7 million euros. That is equivalent to 50% of the 2019 season sales. During January and February 2020, there was a record growth respectively 200% increase and 170%.

These results show that overall the project for travel agency standard setup has been very successful, especially given the circumstances of this difficult year.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects!