News/tourism in the balkans post covid

Posted on 15 May 2020

Tourism in the balkans post COVID-19

For almost three months, we have been coping with an unexpected situation. It seemed like the outbreak of COVID-19 stopped the world and affected all humankind globally.

Traveling was one of the things that were affected the most, restricting everyone in every corner of the globe. Inevitably, we started to wonder how will tourism be in the Balkans post COVID-19.

Situation in the balkans

Although Covid-19 reached the Balkans, compared to some other parts of the world, there are considerably fewer confirmed cases. The numbers are getting lower and lower each day. Therefore, some countries are taking their first decisions concerning tourism.
Greece, being one of the main tourist destinations, has announced the revival of tourism in July 1st. The government decided to open the country gradually, starting with ancient cultural heritage sites on May 18th, and museums in June. Nevertheless, further details concerning hygienic conditions during flights still need to be clarified on May 15th.

Croatia has lifted almost all measures taken during the pandemic. The government plans to open the borders with neighboring countries soon. Initially, only those who own real estate in Croatia or come for business will enter the country. However, the authorities are seriously considering the start of the high tourist season.


As for other countries of the region, official decisions still need to be made. Yet, most of the Balkans have decided to either ease or lift the preventive measures.

Situation in Albania

In Albania, we are slowly going back to normality, and the government is gradually lifting the preventive measures. Due to the restrictions that we followed, the virus did not spread as rapidly and massively as in other countries. Therefore, the numbers are decreasing day by day. As a result, 90% of the businesses have reopened, and people do not have curfews anymore.


Meanwhile, hotels, restaurants, and services are preparing to return to business. The government might slowly start opening borders around June 1st, and soon we can be a target destination again. Of course, some rules must be followed. However, since we are a safe country, we are preparing for this year’s touristic season. While doing that, we are making sure that the tourists have a relaxing, and safe experience in our beautiful Albania.


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