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Posted on 31 Mar 2020

Sustainability at Lufthansa City Center

Futouris LCC

Sustainability at Lufthansa City Center is an important process. In our LCC network, we have some inspiring examples. Let’s start off this new series with a practice from LCC Elite Travel in Albania reported by Elvis Kotherja.

Elvis, what was the purpose of carrying out the training?

The training was all about creating a Train of Trainers (ToT) program to educate LCC travel agents all around the world. To that program, we also wanted to include the sustainability topic besides other subjects and offer an e-learning option that is available and accessible to everyone at the same time no matter where they are.


We are living in an era of disruption and deep technology changes, and we do believe that by creating this world-class LCC Travel Agent module that includes soft and hard skills, sustainability practices as well as additional skills for the new tools we use today, we can guarantee the LCC family growth worldwide.


We need to have a standard among our Human Resources, so we are known as a brand that offers and shares the same values and quality services. Lufthansa City Center already has the best IT tools, expertise, networking, and purchasing power. With our LCC Travel Agent module, we complete the puzzle of high-end competency. Welcome 2021, worth being a Lufthansa City Center member!

Elite Travel LCC is the first company in Albania to become a Travelife partner, and now in the process of becoming Travelife certified, and we aim to reach it in the second half of 2020.


What is your position regarding sustainability?

We have been long working on sustainability practices, which come with different challenges in different countries. Sustainability comes on three aspects, social, economic and environmental.


Our country has been going through a long time of transition period to find its position in the global market. Our education system has suffered so that the young generation could not be offered the right education. Therefore our company has been entirely focused on the social aspect and particularly the education of youth, which is the most valuable and secured investment for the future.


We offer training to young generations in more than 10 professions, where coding and graphic design are the most frequented. We also contribute a lot to the environment. Some of the practices are:

  • Stable air condition in the wintertime at 24 degrees


Having all services on IT cloud and use less paper


The paper we use for printing is more expensive but it is biodegradable


Taking stairs instead of the elevator


Car sharing


  • Different staff incentivizing to those who produce less CO2 throughout the month

All the activities mentioned above are monitored by our Green Team that consists of employees of our company.


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