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Posted on 21 Feb 2023

Religious Tourism Week

“At Elite Travel Group we have always seen culture and its spread to youth and foreigners as a priority. Certified by Travelife regarding sustainability, we believe religious tourism is a valuable aspect of our culture, communicating the value and tradition of religious coexistence in Albania. Also interested in creating new cultural products, where religion has a very specific and special importance, we also help mitigating seasonality. We believe we must raise awareness about religious values to young people, help them invest through studying and researching, making religious tourism benefits evident. This hole process, contributes in them turning work to a passion, accumulating qualitative knowledge and information and also creating possibilities to apply what they’ve studied in their employment for a sustainable future.”

– Elvis Kotherja, Managing Director ELITE TRAVEL GROUP

Religious Tourism Week and Elite Travel Group as a partner:

Religious Tourism Week (RTW) it’s an initiative of the Religious Tourism Forum at Logos University College (LUC). Elite Travel Group, has always supported such initiatives and causes that contribute to community and sustainability. Seeing religious tourism as an important field of sustainable tourism we have decided to support the event in different ways. We look at it as a golden opportunity to integrate Muslimism, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Bektashism in a permanent Albanian culture.

Religious tourism as part of sustainability:

Religious tourism it’s an awesome subject to be transformed in a permanent sustainability medium. Culturally, it helps people in their seek for belief, identity and understanding. Economically, religious tourism helps building local communities’ economy and serves as a great meeting point for people. Environmentally, this type of tourism evokes respect and compassion for objects of religious and natural importance, as they are a huge part of our heritage. From this point of view, we are convinced religious tourism is an absolute needed investment for the benefit of Albania. The religious coexistence concept on which it takes meaning, serves as a good-omen promoter for development and optimizing. Attempting towards a sustainable religious tourism we protect and enrich our culture and traditions.

How we help:

Supporting the initiative

By supporting the RTE we make sure to promote development and going forward with sustainability matters in Albania.

Supporting students

Elite Travel Group will offer some study scholarships on the Religious Tourism program in partnership with LUC. This way, we make sure to leave our traces and feed community with values and professionals.

Relying on religious entities 

In the long run, we’ll trust the religious entities with some duties. First, they will have to inventory all objects of historical, cultural and spiritual significance in the religious spectrum. They’ll need to interlink their work with scientific materials, published works, written and visual content, contemporary maintenance and the young professionals’ management. Secondly, they’ll have to raise great awareness on the importance, values, opportunities and fulfillment religious tourism has to offer.

We’re thankful for Dr. Prof. Georgios Gaitanos, who’s seen personally for Mr. Elvis Kotherja’s and Elite Travel Group’s participation in the Religious Tourism Week.