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Posted on 12 Aug 2020

USAID regional study on the impact of covid-19 on SMEs

The last few months have been challenging especially for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Given the considerable contribution of SMEs to the local economy, data-driven, sector-oriented and well-coordinated support to the small-businesses will be important to get to grip with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. ACT Global, as part of the USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project (EDGE) implemented by International Development Group (LLC IDG) is conducting COVID-19 Impact Assessment on SMEs in the following value chains:

1. Fruits and Vegetables;

2. Tourism; 
3. Light Manufacturing;
4. ICT  

Therefore, we would like to kindly ask you for collaboration and contribute to the research project by completing a short online survey. Your participation is crucial to obtain reliable data and support USAID to design targeted assistance programs for SME recovery and resilience building. Please follow the link for the survey:

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