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Posted on 01 Jun 2021

Radisson Blu: bringing hotel excellence to southern Albania


Starting from Summer 2021, you can find Radisson Blu in the Albanian Riviera. This has been great news for the Albanian tourism and business scene. It is the first time that the brand will be present in the whole Balkan region at Morina Palace, Dhërmi.

About Radisson Blu

Radisson Hotels Group is an American multinational hospitality company dating back to 1960. Radisson Blu is one of the seven subbrands of the international chain, since 2009. These luxury hotels can be found in major cities and leisure destinations around the world. With their exceptional service and stylish comfort, they promise to offer unforgettable experiences. They operate with around 400 hotels worldwide mostly concentrated in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

What does this mean for Albania?

Being a well-known international brand, Radisson Blu is expected to give a boost to Albanian tourism. It is also a very important FDI that contributes to making Albania more competitive and attractive to other foreign investors.


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