Valbona Lleshi (Head of HR) – “People are a company’s greatest asset”

Posted on 26 June 2023

How did you discover Elite Travel Group and how did your journey begin?

I have known about Elite Travel Group since its first days, as a client at first, but then Elbasan is a small city we all know one another. Word of Mouth was the company’s best marketing at the time. I knew the members of the board of directors for a long time, we are almost the same generation. And they offered me the position, as the previous person who covered the department was on their way to moving out of the company. When I first came to visit the company, I was struck by the working method and the advanced technology the company possessed, and it only made my decision to leave the public administration easier. It was the right job, at the right time, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

  1. What is/are your duties as head of the department?

My daily work mainly covers: organizing and maintaining personnel data; updating internal data; preparation of HR documents, such as employment contracts and new employment guidelines; reviewing company policies; answering employee questions about HR-related issues, informing the Finance department about payroll by providing relevant employee information (holidays, sick days and working hours).

I am also part of the recruitment process, which we have very standardized. This process, which begins with the recognition of the needs of each department, includes the preparation of the job description, opening the call for employment, interviewing, training, and up to the hiring stage.


  1. What are some of the difficulties you encounter in your work and what would you advise those who might consider the possibility of working in the same field?

The term Human Relations suggests in the first place that this profession has people at its center and relations with people are beautiful, as well as complicated. I would say that gaps between generations, introduction, and adapting to the culture of working it’s one of HR’s greatest challenges. What would I suggest to young people… If you get a certain satisfaction from communicating with people, and you are searching for a job where every day it’s different, then you are on the right path.


  1. Share with us some of the most important skills that you think enable you to perform very well in your job. Can you tell us from your experience how some of them develop and intertwine at work?

Clear and direct communication it’s key to building trustworthy relationships with employees and superiors.


  1. Every job/profession has its own unsaid. Tell us some sides that not everyone can recognize from the work you do.

Too much empathy can get overwhelming, and it becomes a weakness. Without me wanting, I get emotionally involved with other employees’ emotional states and feel for and like them. Empathy is crucial for such a job, but you should have limits, as you need to take rational decisions.


  1. How do the facilities (technology, infrastructure, etc.) of Elite Travel Group help you in your work?

Technology is the greatest help for what I do. Managing time, assigning duties, everything thanks to technology. All I need to do is a simple search and I can get the right information when I need it, I can create reports easily, no need for multiple files and folders, and I can even work on a group project without being there physically.


  1. In your opinion, how is a healthy work education created? How does it then relate to the environment you create with your colleagues or the people you work with?

From my experience, a healthy work ethic is a product of combining clear goals and expectations, team effort, and assessment. The environment you create with colleagues and other people has a defining role in facilitating work, sharing knowledge, and personal growth.

A healthy work environment is a coworking effort of managing employees. Everyone contributes to the general atmosphere by demonstrating positivity, respect, and commitment to teamwork. Colleagues need to understand that the environment they help create has a great effect on the overall work experience.

Encouraging positive and supportive morale, we all help for a healthy workplace and better company welfare.


  1. How do you see the future of your field concerning market demands and future professions?

The future of human resources will be dynamic and responsive to the demands of the labor market. HR professionals will need to embrace technology, data-driven decision-making, and strategic thinking as they focus on talent acquisition, development, employee well-being, and creating inclusive and sustainable workplaces.


  1. Before we come to the end, what is your motto at work and the values you try to convey?

My motto, which I truly understood during my work at Elite Travel Group, is “People are a company’s greatest asset”. This motto emphasizes the focus of human resources on the value and importance of employees within an organization and emphasizes the belief that investing in people and their well-being leads to better organizational performance and success.


  1. Finally, it’s time to ask your readers. Briefly describe an imaginary situation where our readers try to find the solution.

How long should a person study to be qualified for a job position?