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Posted on 04 Mar 2020

Commitment & Quality monitoring certificate 2019 – LCC Elite Travel

As a member of the Lufthansa City Center Franchise, each year, Elite Travel receives the performance evaluation from LCC Commitment & Quality Monitoring. Recently, our agency got the LCC Top Performer Certificate 3*, reaching the highest possible level. We have achieved this certificate since 2013, and we continue our commitment towards LCC and our high-quality work.

What were the requirements for Elite Travel?

Elite Travel LCC had to ensure that each of the four categories was fully completed, in order to obtain the Top Performance Certificate.

Firstly, we made sure that the agency’s appearance matched the LCC Corporate Identity.

Secondly, we had to keep our data up to date and always at 100%.

Thirdly, we had to sign the GDPR and Code of Cooperation. This means that we process the client’s data only to fulfill contractual obligations and only based on their consent.

Lastly, we had to be punctual with our payments.

As a result, by completing all these steps we closed another successful year with the LCC Franchise.

LCC offices
LCC Offices
Top Performer 2019 LCC

We are proud to continue to be part of the LCC network and work towards a successful future