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Posted on 13 Feb 2020

Inside the social media workshop at ETG

What is the big deal with social media? What is the right social media strategy?


On the verge of improving communication and bonding our team at ETG, we decided to have workshops on different aspects of our job so that colleagues understand better what each department does. One of them was the Social Media Workshop.


So, what was the goal of this workshop?


Two of the interns Pia-Marie Opitz and Nina Saggese created this workshop. The main goal of the workshop was to introduce the staff with the various forms of social media, explain how to make it useful in 12 steps, and its importance in the business. Hence, every participant, despite their department, got to have a look at what the marketing team deals with when it comes to social media.


Inside the workshop…


A quiz on “What’s your social media?” started the warmup for the participants. Afterward, there was a discussion about what social media channels we use to promote our brand and what are all the options. Furthermore, the interns introduced the team with “12 Easy Steps for Successful Social Media Management”.


Then, it was time for practice!


The participants got divided into 4 groups and had to create one Instagram post, keeping in mind everything mentioned before. Lastly, each group shared their results and their takeaways from this workshop.

To conclude, we believe that this experience brought us one step closer to each other and made us understand more about the importance of the ETG brand from a different perspective.