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Posted on 03 Mar 2020

Hiking & Guiding in the outdoors workshop at ETG


What is hiking? Why is it so popular? What makes it one of the biggest trends in tourism? Among different workshops held at ETG headquarters, one of them was the Hiking and Guiding in the Outdoors Workshop. Simon Reuter, the intern from Eberswalde University, created and delivered this presentation. Being a passionate hiker, rock climber, and mountaineer since childhood, Simon, shared his experience and tips. Besides explaining the theory behind this touristic activity, he also invited our team to join him on a hike to Brari mountain.

Inside the workshop

The first part of the presentation was about hiking. It started with the basic hiking theory. We discussed different hiking terrains, what kind of clothing and gear is needed, and how to make orientation easier.

After that, we talked about safety and risk management. In this module, we saw the causes of hiking accidents, how to manage weather conditions, and what is the necessary emergency gear. By the end of the module, we talked about how to plan a hike.

Putting theory into practice

The last part of the workshop was the actual hike to Brari mountain. During this part, we got to put theory into practice. We got divided into three groups and had different tasks. The first group was the planners, the second group was the storytellers, and the third one was the navigators. This workshop was yet another successful way to bring our team together and to explore one of the most popular trends in tourism. It was a very interesting experience for all of us and also a lot of fun.