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Posted on 06 Mar 2020

Green October:
A sustainability challenge

Four weeks, four challenges. Elite Travel Group constantly strives to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly company. That is why we made October 2019 a green month. From September 30th to October 27th, we had a new sustainability challenge every week.


These challenges were quick, entertaining, and everybody could be a part of them. They were in the form of competitions, and each department represented a team. By the end of the week, the winning team got a prize.


Challenge #1: The sustainability quiz


The first challenge of the month was the sustainability quiz. Each day a new question was put up on a poster on the main ETG entrance. Then, everyone had to guess the answer and submit it online. The team that was closer to the right answer would get the most points. As a result, besides aiming to win, this challenge helped us learn a lot of facts about sustainability in Albania.


Challenge #2: Trashbin upcycling


During the second week, in a 1.5h Workshop, we turned old water canisters, into recycling bins for our departments. For that, we used handicrafts and all sorts of colorful materials. Afterward, we gave points to the most practical, creative, and beautiful bins.

Green October

Challenge #3: Sports and games week


In the third week, we had 15- minute sports or game activities every day during lunch break. These activities consisted of yoga, basketball, and competitive games. We divided into two teams, and each person who participated gained one point. By the end of the week, the team with the most points won the prize.

Basketball Green Team

Challenge #4: Overshoot day, Trash pick up


October 24, 2019, was Albania’s Country Overshoot Day. On this day, Albania used up all the resources that it could sustainably use within one year. To make a change, we had to pick up trash in the “Rinia” park for one hour. We can proudly say that it resulted in a very successful challenge. The aim was not only to create awareness for sustainability issues and to make the company more sustainable but also to have fun as a team. We closed the Green October Challenge with a better understanding of sustainability and also a little more motivated.

Green Team - Overshoot Day