News / ETG cooperation with vet schools

Posted on 12 Nov 2020

ETG cooperation with VET schools:

32 students in 4 disciplines

It has been a while now that we have introduced our Corporation Social Responsibility project, which concerns the education and training of the youth in our city. That is why we created the Elite Academy. A sub-brand exclusively dedicated to all those interested in learning new skills for the future of the workplace. Of course, our main partners in this initiative have been the VET Schools of Elbasan. European Vocational Skills Week

Multimedia Course

How Elite Travel Group cooperates with schools?

We started our cooperation with these schools earlier in 2008, while our brand in cooperation with the international and central government, wanted to implement Dual VET education in tourism (German model).


It has been a long journey and finally after the legislation improvements during 2018, 2019, and now, we are excited to share our progress. We introduced our first courses, which consisted of theoretical and practical teaching.


Luckily, we had great communication with these VET schools who trusted in our guidance for their students. At first, we had 14 students who participated in our training courses in different categories. All those who had good English skills were directly employed part-time in their field of interest. This year, we have 33 students in the first semester already, and we expect to double this number during the second semester. European Vocational Skills Week

Developer course
Marketing Course

What do we aspire to achieve?

Our goal is to support the young students of these schools by mentoring, inspiring them, and also offering them internship opportunities. This is something that the educational system in Elbasan has lacked for several years now.


The youth needs to be aware of the opportunities that they have in their country, and also discover their passion. As our General Manager, Mr. Elvis Kotherja, says – “Every single student has their own talent. However, we should be patient and show them all we have to offer and tell them what is in for them. In this way, they can understand and choose what they are good at.” 


So, we aspire to set a new standard in education in our city. We believe that next year we will have a lot more to tell regarding the cooperation between an enterprise, VET schools, and local institutions. Stay tuned for our next updates!