News / ETG and Albatros S.A. cooperation

Posted on 12 Jan 2018

ETG and Albatros S.A. cooperation:

Coaching the hoteliers

Cooperation between Albatros SA, Elite Travel Group & Elite Academy


One of the focuses of our company is coaching the hoteliers, restaurants, and activity providers. For that purpose, we have come up with Elite Coaching and Elite Hospitality, two sub-brands that are aiming to “train the trainers”. For this new project, we have teamed up with Albatros SA and we have worked together to train hoteliers, restaurants, and activity providers from Albania and Kosovo. This project aims to help them improve their standards so that they are compliant with the company’s services.

The Coaching Process

This project started in January 2019. Firstly, the company conducted research visits and interviews at the hotels. Later on, there was a selection process for 45 hoteliers throughout Albania and Kosovo.

Next, we continued the coaching and digitalization process for each of them.


Firstly, the process focused on management. During the training, we discussed topics such as hotel management procedures, staff recruiting and HR management policy, property management system (PMS) usage, channel management, and complaint management. Another important part of this step was the cultural source market briefing that will lead to a better understanding of clients from different cultures coming to these hotels.


Secondly, another important part is the health & safety compliance training. It was mostly focused on hygiene procedures and F&B staff training. We also explained the importance of a Safety Management System (SMS).


Thirdly, we paid attention to customer services and sales staff training, including reservation handling and front desk. This will lead to more satisfied customers which is crucial for any hotel.


The fourth improvement was regarding the financial aspect of the business. We focused on the implementation of a payment gateway, improvement of financial accounting, and also the enforcement of financial compliance.


Lastly, we also discussed marketing options and mostly focused on digital marketing. Our proposed options were content writing and multimedia content production to reach as many customers as possible both locally and internationally.

Results of the Project

As expected, we were very satisfied with the turnout of this project coaching the hoteliers, restaurants, and activity providers. Coaching has been conducted for all 45 hoteliers in the region. The project resulted in an impressive growth of 550%. We are positive that it will change and improve hoteliers, restaurants, and activity providers in this region.

Stay tuned for more projects that will be conducted throughout Albania!