Elite Travel Group, an active participant in Key Events of the Tourism Industry during the last quarter of the year.

Posted on 23 January 2024

During Q4 of 2023, the managing director of Elite Travel Group, Mr. Elvis Kotherja, has been an engaged stakeholder at some of the major events within the tourism, travel and hospitality industry

1. Roundtable Meeting – State Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Business Climate & American Chamber of Commerce.

“The Global Entrepreneurship Week” created an interesting space for discussion in the “Morning at Work” of the American Chamber of Commerce with the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Delina Ibrahimaj. The central topics related to the business climate, which are shared in the work, became the focal point of discussion between the leaders of the committees at AmCham and Minister Ibrahimaj.”

2. Meeting with Tourism Associations – Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Business Climate (Deregulation).

The Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Business Climate has recently undertaken an initiative to further facilitate services to businesses in all sectors of the economy. Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj, the Minister for Entrepreneurship and Business Climate, was present at this important meeting, organized at the Ministry’s premises. The aim of the meeting was the clarification and facilitation of all processes for business entrepreneurs. The meeting included experts, association leaders, and business entrepreneurs as invited guests.

3. Meeting with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment is reviewing the amended law 93/2015 “On Tourism,” as well as initiating work on drafting the “National Tourism Strategy 2024-2030.” The changes in tourism legislation focus on:
– Continuous improvement of the quality of services in the tourism sector.
– Building a healthy and safe environment, respecting the needs of host communities.

The changes aim to simplify procedures for carrying out tourist activities, creating a business-friendly climate without compromising service standards.

4. Horwath HTL and Tourism and Hospitality Development Strategy 2024–2030.

Horwath HTL has been selected by the Albanian government to consult and develop the “Tourism and Hospitality Development Strategy 2024–2030.” Mr. Elvis Kotherja was present in a meeting with the experts. The focus was on discussing, addressing, and advising on issues of sustainable tourism and the vision from the perspective of a business leader, as well as the leader of the hospitality and tourism committee at AMCHAM.

5. Professions in Tourism. Cooperation Agreement with Faculty of Foreign Languages. 

Mr. Elvis Kotherja, the company’s managing director had meeting and discussion with Prof. Dr. Esmeralda Kromidha, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Topics concerning the professions within the hospitality and tourism industry were discussed. The discussion also covered professional practices, scientific research, and study programs involving partner universities for dual degrees. Towards the meeting’s conclusion, a cooperation agreement for research and professional practices with the Elite Travel Group was formalized.

6. AMCHAM Meeting – Faculty of Foreign Languages

The American Chamber participated in the ‘Open Days‘ event at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, sharing, through its members’ activities, their experiences and expectations regarding the workforce in accordance with market needs.”. Mr. Elvis Kotherja, as the head of the Tourism and Hospitality Committee at AMCHAM, was present at this meeting.

A practical discussion among all participants focused on how the school prepares students with skills to navigate a changing market every day. The discussion also touched on how businesses should engage with the university system to orient it in organizing curricula.

7. School’s Board of Directors -AMCHAM

In his role as the Head of the Business Management Board of the Elbasan Professional School, Mr. Elvis Kotherja was invited to the AKPA offices. Following Ministry of Finance and Economy Directive no. 14, dated May 27, 2021, which addresses the organization and activities of educational and vocational training institutions, as well as human resource management aspects, the structure of the unit responsible for the development of education providers, vocational training, and continuous professional development underwent changes. The Central Directorate of the National Employment and Skills Agency conducted the procedures for selecting the Director of the Elbasan Professional School. In the first days of January, Mr. Leonidha Haxhinikolla was selected as the director of the professional school. Best of luck to the director, staff, and the Elbasan Professional School.