Driving Towards a Sustainable Future with Elite Travel Group and Elite Mobility

Posted on 5 June 2024

“We believe that true sustainability means investing and taking actionable steps to ensure a better future for our planet.”

At Elite Mobility, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We believe that true sustainability means investing and taking actionable steps to ensure a better future for our planet. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on providing exceptional mobility services while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Leading the Way with (EV) electric vehicle transfers

In 2024, we are proud to announce that 90% of our transfers within Albania, covering distances up to 150 km, are organized using (EV) electric vehicles. This significant shift towards e-cars is part of our broader strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and promote greener travel options. Each year, we process over 7,000 transfers with our fleet and third-party vehicles, and this move to electric vehicles is a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Elite Mobility. Our initiatives are driven by the belief that taking tangible actions today will pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. From adopting electric vehicles to investing in a modern fleet, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Aiming for Excellence in Fleet Modernization

By 2030, Elite Mobility aims to be the number one company in Albania and the region with the newest and most modern coach fleet. We are investing in advanced, eco-friendly coaches that provide comfort, safety, and efficiency for our passengers. This commitment to fleet modernization ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, offering them the best possible travel experience.

Elite Mobility from 2025 “No Borders” with a presence in EU

Our vision extends beyond national & regional boundaries. We aim to have no borders within the Western Balkans and EU, facilitating seamless travel experiences across regions and European countries. By enhancing connectivity and providing reliable, efficient transport solutions, we strive to make travel more accessible and enjoyable for all our clients no matter where they land or take off in the EU or Western Balkans.

By May 2024, a delegation from Elite Travel Group and Auto Star Albania visited the factory of Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches in Ulm/Germany.

Dritan Tabaku, Doret & Elvis Kotherja from ETG and Mr. Sokol Kodra from Auto Star Albania.

We met there with the management and ordered already the first new 0 km Mercedes Benz coach ever ordered from Albania.

Elite Mobility purchased a Mercedes Benz RHD Tourismo From Auto Star Albania that will be delivered in the first months of 2025, all this is shows that we are committed to continue to path to our objectives and vision.

Auto Star Albania sh.a., the official representative of Mercedes-Benz in Albania, has been a success story since its establishment in 1996 as the first official distributor of vehicles in the country. Since joining the Kastrati Group in 2015 (one of the major commercial groups in Albania), Auto Star Albania has significantly expanded its facilities and services, offering a state-of-the-art showroom, enhanced service areas, and extensive spare parts storage. The company continues to lead the market with innovative financing options and a commitment to advanced technology and professional staff development.