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Written by Juliane Zimmerman / Posted on 31 Jan 2022

Corporate Retreats in Albania

For more than a year now, organizations and businesses have been forced to cope with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ever-changing rules and regulations, or the shift towards an increasingly flexible, dynamic, and digitized work culture are just a few to mention. Many of these impacts leave enterprises continuously struggling to adjust their day-to-day business, and their employees drained and longing for social connections. Sounds familiar? Then maybe you should consider taking your team on a corporate retreat … in Albania!

Why should you plan a corporate retreat in Albania?

First of all, the question is: Why should you plan a corporate retreat? Two benefits of a corporate retreat are that it will give your employees both a chance to recharge their batteries and plenty of opportunities to bond. Beyond that, a retreat can be much more than a fun or – depending on whether company members actually know and like each other – slightly forced and awkward group holiday: A corporate retreat will usually involve intensive working sessions, allowing you and your team to focus on the bigger picture. Far away from the noises and disturbances of everyday life. Defining macro-strategies, hatching new product ideas, giving the company philosophy that long-needed upgrade, training your staff on a new online-collaboration tool – you name it.

The next question then is: Why out of all places in the world should you pick Albania as the location for your corporate retreat? Well. Have you been to Albania? Whether you want to get away from everything, or get inspired by a vibrant urban atmosphere; whether you are looking for a rustic guesthouse, a cozy boutique hotel, or a beach resort with plenty of meeting venues and a large SPA offers; whether you want your employees to bond over an escape room game, a challenging hiking adventure, a yoga session on the beach, or while sampling some delicious Albanian wines – we have it all! And despite its diversity, Albania is also a conveniently small country. This means you will get from the airport to your retreat location no time wasted.

When should you go?

Kruje - Old Bazzar

Without doubt, Albania is beautiful all year round, and finding the perfect time for your retreat also depends on the location and the activities you have in mind. We, however, especially recommend you to plan your corporate retreat in Albania in spring or autumn. During that time, the weather will still be sunny and warm but not too hot, and you will have the natural, historical, and cultural sites almost exclusively to yourselves.