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Discover Europe’s best-kept secret in Albania, where untouched natural beauty, ancient traditions, and delicious cuisine intertwine, offering a transformative adventure that will leave you yearning for more of this undiscovered European frontier.

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Unique Selling Points about Albania

Why work with Elite Travel Group?


Working with Elite Travel Group

Our company has designed an internal ERP system that has been developed by our internal team of expert developers. Our system is designed to handle all aspects of supplier data, production creation, and operations seamlessly, without the use of outdated tools like PDFs or Excel sheets. By utilizing our system, our clients can expect an automated process that minimizes the risk of errors and ensures maximum transparency throughout the entire production process. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service for our clients, and our ERP system is just one example of our dedication to innovative solutions that provide tangible benefits for our clients.

Human Resources

Working with Elite Travel Group

Our company has solid HR practices, including staff training and clear processes. From our product team to our tour guides, everyone is thoroughly trained to provide exceptional service to our clients. We believe that investing in our staff is essential to delivering on our commitments and maintaining a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

This does not apply only to our internal employees. We maintain close contact with our suppliers to ensure best practices are shared to provide the highest level of service.

Health and Safety

Working with Elite Travel Group

Preventing unhappy situations is what we do day to day. We check all suppliers for H&S before we add them into our system. We have been conducted by the best world-class advisors as “Inchcape International” for all complex procedures of security, health and safety. We constantly check our suppliers to ensure facilities are up to standard, HACCP is properly applied in kitchens, and establish preventative measures.


Travellife Certified

First ever Albanian company to be Travelife Certified in 2022

Since being completely certified, Elite Travel Group is authorized to commence training our supplier base to prepare adoption of sustainable standards, initiatives and relevant KPI monitoring.

Green Destinations

Exclusive partner of Green Destinations in our region.

Through the Green Destinations brand we approach and lobby local municipalities to promote sustainable initiatives such as agrotourism concepts and pushing sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives.

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