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Posted on 17 Feb 2019

A project by ETG and Progress International

project by ETG and Progress International
Cooperation between Elite Travel Group, Elite Academy, and Progress International

On the verge of training hoteliers, this time Elite Travel Group is cooperating with Progress International to train the hoteliers in  Durres city, Albania.

How were the hoteliers coached?

During January 2019 Elite Travel Group conducted research visits and interviews with the hotels. Next, there was a selection process where 9 hotels in the Durres region were chosen. The coaching was focused on four main aspects: management, health & safety, customer services, and finances.


Firstly, regarding management, there was training regarding hotel management procedures, staff recruiting and HR management policy, room division management, property management system usage, channel management, and complaint management. Another important part of this step was the cultural source market briefing to better understand customers from different cultures.


Secondly, regarding health & safety, the main focus was to train the housekeeping staff, F&B staff, and also update hygiene procedures.


Thirdly, regarding customer services, there was a training for the sales staff, including reservation handling and front desk. This will lead to more satisfied customers which is crucial for any hotel.


Lastly, there were improvements regarding the financial aspect of the business. We focused on the implementation of a payment gateway, improvement of financial accounting, and also the enforcement of financial compliance.

Takeaways from the project

The result of the project was very fruitful. Elite Travel Group, Elite Academy, and Progress International managed to train all 9 hoteliers and one of them is among the biggest hotelier groups in Albania nowadays.

Training hoteliers in Albania and the Balkans is essential so that they can always comply with the international standards of service. We are proud to say that this coaching project has improved and prepared them for the future of Albanian tourism.

Stay tuned for our next projects and events!