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Posted on 15 Jan 2020

Travelife: a journey towards sustainability

Sustainability integration in business is slowly starting to increase because companies are beginning to realize that they can be more successful by doing good.

But what does sustainability mean in business?

Seeing this great impact of the sustainability strategies, we decided that it was time to incorporate one in our company as well. That is how we found out about Travelife. Travelife is a sustainability system, founded in 2007, which promotes sustainable practices in the travel and tourism industry. This program includes three stages:

The two main categories that are influenced by sustainability in business are society and the environment. A sustainable business must have a strategy to positively affect these fields. On the contrary, if they do not claim responsibility it can bring up issues such as environmental damage and social injustice.


  1. Travelife Engaged
  2. Travelife Partner
  3. Travelife Certified

Since March 2019, Elite Travel Group is a Travelife Partner and since February 2022 Travelife Certified.

What are ETG's aspirations?

As we are about to be the first Albanian company Travelife certified, we know how important it is to have common sense and to care for social life, for the economy of the area and region in which we live, and, last but not least, care about the environment. Sustainability as a concept comes with different challenges in different countries. Since we are considered a country under development, our biggest focus remains on the social aspect. We are pioneering the sustainable policies in Albania, through our public and social activities, society-building concepts through education and training for the young, teacher communities, and the suppliers. We strongly believe that education is the best means by which we can provide the support to tackle the economic and environmental aspects. We know that we alone cannot change the place we live in, but alone we can inspire others and be copied by them, to make today better than yesterday.

What are our achievements so far and what are we planning?

It is worth emphasizing some of our most remarkable moments in this journey towards sustainability. During October 2019 we had the Green Month at our office, which consisted of weekly activities to improve the environment. In the photos below you can see some of them:

Green October: Overshoot Day
Green October: A Sustainability Challenge
Green October: Action Day

Limiting elevator usage

Something else that we are doing currently is limiting the usage of the elevator at our headquarters. In this way, we can save electricity and encourage our employees to be more active.