Commitment & Quality Monitoring at Elite Travel LCC and More

Elite Travel LCC office

Commitment & Quality Monitoring at Elite Travel LCC and More

As a member of the Lufthansa City Center Franchise, each year, Elite Travel receives the performance evaluation from LCC Commitment & Quality Monitoring. In the last 5 years, our company received LCC Top Performer Certificate 3*, reaching the highest possible level. Today, we continue our commitment toward LCC and our high-quality work. But, what exactly is the LCC Commitment & Quality Monitoring, and how did we get to this point?

The LCC Commitment & Quality Monitoring concept

The LCC Commitment & Quality Monitoring concept ensures the quality level to make the global LCC network stronger. Each year, LCC agencies get an evaluation based on four categories: LCC Appearance, LCC Facts & Data, LCC Payment, and LCC GDPR and Code of Cooperation/Conduct. When reaching top performance, it means that the travel agency makes perfect use of the LCC network, and also helps to develop it further.

The requirements for Elite Travel LCC

We had to make sure that each of the four categories was fully completed. Afterward, we were able to obtain the Top Performance Certificate. The first step was to match the agency’s appearance with the LCC Corporate Identity. Therefore we completely renovated our office by making it much more visible that we are part of the LCC network. Secondly, we have kept our data updated throughout the years. Thirdly, we have agreed on the GDPR and Code of Cooperation. This means that we process the client’s data only to fulfill contractual obligations and only based on their consent. We strictly do not use this data for any other purposes. Lastly, we make sure that we are always punctual with our payments.

Most Active Award
LCC Most Active Award 2016

As a result, by completing all these steps we have been able to close many successful years with the LCC Franchise. In 2016, we also got the Lufthansa City Center Most Active Award. We are proud to continue to be part of the LCC network, continuing commitment and quality monitoring at Elite Travel LCC, and work towards a successful future.

Other achievements
Travelife certificate
Travelife Partner

Despite all these achievements, something very important for us is our journey towards sustainability. For some time now we have become Travelife Partner based on sustainability reports and compliance with basic requirements assessed by Travelife. This status enables the company to communicate its sustainability commitment and achievements with the support of the Travelife Partner logo. The company is now qualified to work step-by-step towards the final stage and become the first company in Albania with a sustainability certification. As we continue our journey, now we can make use of Travelife ISO 14001, EMAS III, and ISO 26000 compatible management system.

We as a team are very happy that we have contributed to the social aspect of sustainability. Our CSR is focused on education, training, VET in tourism, and lifelong learning. We believe in the youth and we will support them all the way.