Elite Travel Group Rebranding Completed

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Elite Travel Group Rebranding Completed

After a long journey to get here, we are thrilled to announce the new and exciting brand that we have created. For months we have been dedicating our time to build a new image that would accurately represent who we are as a business and as a team.

Our business is built on respect. Respect for the planet, respect for our partners and respect for our customers. We do not just want to do business but also make friends as we go. We are innovative, always looking for new ways to minimize our footprint. By being reliable, honest and transparent, we make sure our word is our bond. And by focusing on quality, we make sure we’re delivering repeat business, which builds a sustainable future. It is a whole new way to experience the travel business.

elite travel group tagline
Tagline Elite Travel Group

It is our mission to give people the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, or to quote our tagline, create “Everlasting Experiences”. We promise to do that in a sustainable way and by working with local people to leave communities richer.

Our goal was to reposition the business to take advantage of market opportunities to grow ETG and be the leading DMC in the Balkans and number one in customer care. As a result, these changes have empowered our team and have given us a vision and clear goals to guide us.

Elite Travel Group Vision

In addition to that, another important part of this process was the separation of different parts of our brand. (Elite Travel Albania, Elite Travel Agency, Elite Travel LCC, Elite Academy, Elite DMC, Elite Mobility and Elite Hospitality) For further information regarding each of them, you can click here.

Along the lines of rebranding, we will continue to provide the same level of professionalism and we would like to seize the opportunity to thank our loyal customers and business partners for their trust.